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Empower Business Leaders

Business leaders are facing more challenges in today's digital world and economy. We facilitate the process to help them succeed in the Digital Age.

Solve Critical Problems

We help teams and organizations solve critical business problems in just 40 days. Yes. Only 40 days!

Implement Business Systems

We facilitate exponential productivity by implementing smarter and hyper-collaborative work methods.

Build Intelligent Organizations

Businesses need higher levels of organizational intelligence in order to face the growing complexity of the business environment in the Digital Age.

EmpowerLabs® is out to revitalize, inspire and empower organizations in the digital age so they can focus on innovation to create the greatest value.


The EmpowerLabs® collection of programs and services builds smarter organizations for the digital age. We have helped businesses in a broad range of industries such as banking, biotech and hospitality with transformation processes that accelerate results through hyper-collaboration and our proprietary approach to management.

EmpowerLabs – the place for learning and innovation – is where our team develops leading-edge technological and transformational tools to lead people and organizations into the future of digital business, exponential productivity, and twenty-first-century leadership so they can focus more time on the things in life that matter.

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EmpowerLabs is the mind behind GenniuxWorksTM, a new way of working, faster and more productively. Whether you are an individual, team or an organization, GenniuxWorksTM has arrived to dramatically change the way you work. Find the right fit below.

You are a business leader

And want to create the most powerful roadmap to success by taking advantage of the amazing business transformation opportunities as we approach 2020.

You want team productivity to explode

Now is the right time to take productivity in your team and organization to exponential heights.

You have a critical business problem

We help you solve it in just 40 days!

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has invented

An interactive 1-hour event where you can find solutions to a problem
or co-create a deliverable 10x faster.

Come and experience the power of collective intelligence
and hyper-collaboration to generate exponential productivity.

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Empowernomics: Business Transformation

Most current work models were designed for the needs of the post-industrial revolution. Organizations must re-invent their processes, methodologies and work
culture to be competitive in the digital age.


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